The workshop overall was great. Cindy managed the flow, delivery and absorption of the material very professionally and sincerely. Her personal experiences and examples took the material to the next level. The workshop touched my soul more than I expected, opening me up to the possibilities, rather than being closed up. I had several “ah ha” moments. The fellow students were amazing. We felt safe and secure to be open and share.

Heather P.

This life-changing workshop touched every part of me down to the core of my soul and provided me with the tools to confidently move forward to be successful in all relationships, from dating to business, to the most important one of them all, that to myself. Thank you for honoring men, women, and relating in a way that is transformational and empowering.

Allison B.

Having read the Queen’s Code multiple times and listening to all the audios, I didn’t realize the power of taking in this material with a group of amazing women. My world has been transformed and I hope to pass that along. Thank you for not canceling this workshop. My thanks and appreciation to Cindy and the volunteers who shared their time so willingly and made this a very memorable weekend.

Lisa Marie G.

Reviewing this workshop has revitalized and renewed my dedication to bringing the information into every second of my day. Hearing the info as a PAX graduate is like having a whole new workshop. Fabulous!

Cheryl M.

Blown away- My beliefs that men are insensitive, selfish, and deliberately hurtful disappeared. I was moved and touched by the man panel, and found my heart swelling with tenderness and gratitude for their earnestness, kindness, and supportive natures.


Thank you. This information is left-brained easy to understand and pertinent to everyone. This information has resonated with me again at a deeper level and I am grateful for all that it has provided me.

Bonita R.

Amazing Program. I really appreciate this workshop. The value of these workshops has the potential to cause World Peace.

Krystalle T.

Cindy Sawatzky did a great job of delivering the Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women workshop. Excellent information. Always on schedule with enthusiasm and joy! Excellent participants. Cindy brought so much healing for each person!

Diane H.

63 years old and my eyes were opened!  This information is so valuable, it should be taught in elementary school.

Carol S.

I didn’t know what to expect, but am so overwhelmed by the quality of information and tools that have been gifted to me this weekend. The entire team and Cindy, the presenter, have me in awe of the powerfulness this message carries.

Angie S.